How does it work?

Pressure applied with the Thera Cane to the painful, spasmed areas of muscles helps the flow of oxygenated blood into the muscles. This pressure helps by by breaking up adhesions in muscle fibers and tendons, allowing normal blood flow, movement and function of the muscle. Thera Cane is the best single tool for treating myofascial trigger points all over the body. Thera Cane works by applying constant pressure on the trigger point, as well as various lengthwise, lateral or circular techniques. You can use the Thera Cane to relief yourself from muscular tension, stiffness, tenderness and soreness. The ease of using Thera Cane makes treating your own body more likely, when you use the Thera Cane regularly you will be more in touch with your own body, also in other areas of well-being. This allows you to stop minor aches on their tracks before they get worse. You will never be left alone with pain with the Thera Cane, and are much more likely to avoid development of chronic pain and taking medicine.

At home

We all have muscles that get tight or sore easily. The slightest movement in everyday life might then result in a painful muscle spasm. It is commonly hard to rid of this pain when you are at home, simply massaging or pressing the painful area with your hands tends to be very exhausting even if you can reach the painful spot. With the Thera Cane, it is very easy to locate the painful area anywhere in your body, and you can apply the pressure as long as necessary without getting you hands tired.

Pain from illnesses

Chronic pain resulting from illnesses can be treated with the Thera Cane. It is always good to start any new treatment method in co-operation with your doctor or physician. Thera Cane was developed by Daniel J. Hennessey in the USA, to help treat myofascial pain resulting from neck surgery and a herniated disc in the spine. Treatment with the Thera Cane, along with a daily stretching routine, were enough to maintain a pain free life!

Warranty and Care

Thera Cane is made to last, it is lightweight and extremely strong. It is guaranteed for life against breakage in normal use. You can wash a Thera Cane even in a dishwasher, you can also use it when bathing or in a sauna.


59cm X 39cm x 2,5cm (will fit in most checked baggage when traveling)