The best self-massager in the world, now available from Finland!

Thera Cane® is a deep pressure massager developed for personal pain management and treating your muscles. Thera Cane is designed to hit muscles all over your body, even those that are generally considered hard to reach! This simple, yet very effective tool will hit all the hardest to reach trigger points between your shoulder blades, as well as the whole back. The design makes the leverage effective even if you have limited strength or mobility. Reaching your deep, knotted muscle spasms has never been this easy. With Thera Canes six strategically placed treatment balls and state of the art leverage design, applying good pressure will not take your strength or make your arms tired. Thera Cane has been manufactured in the USA for over 25 years. It is used by doctors and physical therapists, and is also popular among professional athletes.